Weekly Linky 02/22-02/28

February 22, 2010

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Weekly Linky 02/15-02/21

February 15, 2010

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Hello world!

February 11, 2010

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Uprinting and Lunch Punch Winners

February 11, 2010


Sharon Harmon said… 27 I would choose the Skin Care Business Card Template 2 design!

Lunch Punch

Jennifer said… 1 OMG I am so excited about this one! My daughter does NOT eat crust. I have tried everything to get her to without luck.  I am subscribed!

I have emailed both winners they have 48 hours to respond before I chose new winners.

We’re gearing up for a change

February 10, 2010

Thats right i am doing it again,  this time though we are not only changing the URL we are changing the location.  http://www.jabberingjessi.info/ is going to be moving to http://www.jabberingjessi.com/ I know not much difference just not .info anymore.  Oh yeah and we are headed to wordpress.  The change is going to take a day or two to get settled in before I move you all over there with me so for now please continue to enter all giveaways here.

Mommy Brain

February 9, 2010

Mommy brain, you know if you have kids you have it.  They say you deliver a piece of your brain with each placenta you deliver and I totally believe it.  As time has gone on and more kids have been added to our family I feel like I am losing my mind more and more.  I rely on my computer and my Blackberry to do all my scheduling.  Sometimes though my scheduling techniques can be a little off especially if I do not write it down as soon as it is planned. 

The kids have missed lessons, birthday parties, and doctors appointments.  Because of my amazing planning we very nearly missed going on a trip because my dates were off and I booked the wrong time off work.  Thankfully my boss is understanding and let me switch my days and we were able to go, thank you mommy brain for that amazing near ruin lol.

Thanks to my new blackberry I feel more in control of our life and schedule.  I schedule when I have to go to doctors, school events, which kid has what activity.  I also schedule my blog posts, my giveaway ending dates, I input addresses that I need to mail prizes to and I of course do all our banking online so that makes it easier to track all that stuff when I am not at home.  On top of that the boys play brick breaker on my phone sometimes when I am taking too long and it keeps things quiet long enough I don’t lose what little is left of my brain.

Now I have one other problem though and this one I am quite famous for, I am forever losing my phone.  I lost it in the bathroom at kmart once, and I dropped it under my van two days after I got it and did not know it, you can imagine the heart attack Lee had when I lost my $500 phone right after getting it lol.  I lose it in my couch, purse, and diaper bag ALL the time.  If I am out and go into see Lee at work his co-workers bug me asking me if I know where my phone is which of course sets me panicking trying to remember where I left it last.  If it is gone for more then an hour I am completely lost and sent into a tailspin wondering if I am missing something I should be remembering, I honestly think I may rely on it just a little too much.

Verizon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the ways my smart phone affects my life as a parent.

10 tips to a distraction free fun filled vacation

February 9, 2010

Twitter moms is hosting a contest and they want us to share 10 tips to a distraction free fun vacation we might have so here are my 10 tips

1.  Leave your laptop at home
2.  Turn off your cellphone when it is not needed
3. Take care of all the stuff at home like turning off all lights, locking all doors, unplugging appliances, start a day or so ahead and have a checklist of all the stuff you like to do so you can check it off adn not have to worry about it while your gone.
4. Research ahead for restaurants to eat at and perhaps plan to do some cold meals in your room if it is less stressful.
5.  Pack snacks for the kids in the car, full bellies means sleeping babies.
6.  Pack activites for your little ones to do like reading, coloring, drawing and even those travel card games.
7. Head out and enjoy the sunshine, make the most of your vacation you can sit around in the house when your at home.
8.  Lose the video game systems, you know the ones that travel with you (totally not necessary once no longer in the car)
9.  Don’t panic over the little things just move on (I am a panicker so not good)
10. Don’t take work with you on your trip, my hubby is bad for this.

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Bink Link & Fruitabees

February 8, 2010
Maddisyn has always been a soother baby, she is seriously addicted to her soothers or as we call them here Chitches.  Holden takes them sometimes here and there but not all the time, sometimes he just likes to have it nearby to chew on or for “just in case” purposes.  The only problem with both being on soothers is that sometimes when out we lose not one but two, then we are on the hunt for both of them or buying new ones and as a parent some of you know these are not cheap.  The answer to this of course is a soother holder, the problem is that they are not at all what a parent would hope for these days and are too “cutesy”, gone are the days of the cute teddy bears and ducks in our kids wardrobes.
Bink Link has seen this and is offering a solution with their Bink Links.  They make some of the most adorable soother holders I have ever seen, when approached for review I requested one for each baby since I could not choose for one or the other.  Bink Link generously sent us two to review.  We received the Skully and the Alice and they are both too cute for words and go great in our kids wardrobes.
If skulls and crossbones are not your thing don’t worry they offer so many other cute designs like gumballs, rodeo, candy necklace and so many other themes.  Each Bink Link is made with wooden beads and is very easy to use with a simple slip cord, you slip the cord through the handle on the pacifier or any spot the pacifier cord would go and slid through to the end to make sure it forms a good tight “knot”.  No more losing pacifiers in the grocery store, playground or even in the house as sometimes is the case.
The same company makes great necklaces called Fruitabees.  The Fruitabees is available in the Alice like shown above, as well as candy necklace, gumballs and much more.  Each necklace is made with wood beads and put on an elastic cord so you can just slip it over the head and wear.  Below is pictured the candy necklace I think it is adorable and will be an addition to Maddisyns easter basket I am sure.

Each Bink Link and Fruitabees cost $14.00 and I believe they are very reasonably priced and would make a great gift, the Bink Link would look so cute on a diaper cake or in a gift basket and will be added to my list of stuff to add to diaper cakes when my friends are pregnant.

Thank you to Bink Link for these great products to review.
I Disclose

Weekly Linky 02/08-02/14

February 8, 2010

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Mini-Cation Button

February 7, 2010
Here is the grab for my mini-cation button again.
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