Greenie Two Steps

Greenie 2 Steps is the cutest whimsical wallart.  There are so many bright and vibrant colors in with each character they are sure to grab your childs eye and hold it for a long time.  The whimsical wall art that is both educational and eco-friendly was carefully designed and produced by Greenie2Steps.  It is very versitile and can be installed on almost any clean and smooth surface which includes walls, ceilings, windows and more.  Best of all if it ever gets dirty it can be cleaned simply by using some water.  It is safe & non-toxic, they print on fabric with safe and eco-friendly ink then they add a safe, water-based laminate and coating.  The adhesive on the back that allows you to put the sticker up and remove it hundreds of times is even water based how cool is that.  You can remove the wall sticker without worrying about it marking the wall or leaving a sticky mess.  Best of all though is that they are reusable and you can move the adhesive from wall to wall and the art will not lose its sticking ability even after over 100 applications.
Putting the wall art up was so easy as well.  You pick the wall you want it on and clean it with water, you then dry it off with a clean cloth.  You are asked not to use any cleaners on the surface prior to applying the wall arts.  Then you take the art out of the package and lay it flat for 30 minutes to allow it to come up to room temperature.  Then you peel the back off the wall art, saving the backing and placing it back into the eco-friendly tubing for future use.  You then stick the top corners first and then smooth from the center out to get a nice smooth spot.  To change the location you slowly peel it from the surface and reapply.
Greenie 2 Steps has art in so many cute charecters like I said earlier. We received the Greenie and Friends Art Print priced at $99.99. This print has Greenie, her younger brother Garrett, Geraldine the Giraffe, Lenny the Lion and Taj the Tiger.  We put it in Holdens room because he had a bare spot above his door that this fit perfectly.  It looks so cute in there and somehow it just completes Holdens room.  The installation really was as easy as it says on the sight although I cannot make a personal comment on moving it because I love where it is and do not plan on moving it.
You can order the entire line of friends like we received or you can purchase the art prints seperatly starting at $24.99 each depending on the size you want.  You can get personalized postcards for your child, or stickups that is simple the charecter with no backgrounds.  Another great thing they have is Eco-murals which shows Greenie and friends in a variety of scenes.  You can choose one that he charecters are all already on or you can choose an interactive one and place the charecters where you want them.
I would recommend Greenie 2 Steps to anyone redecorating your childs room, nusery or play area.  I think the mural shown above would even work for a childs bathroom. 
Thank you to Greenie 2 Steps for this great product to review.
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