Maddisyn loves her kitty cats.  She is a big animal lover and has been for as long as we can remember so when we were given the chance to work with Pawparazzi we jumped at the chance.  Choosing what to review was too hard so I asked to be surprised and when I got the package we sure were surprised. 

We received the Misty Pawparazzi set, valued at $20.00, which consists of Misty the cat, a purse to carry her in, a leash and collar, blanket, matching mini notepad and a pop out trading card on the back of the package.  Misty is such a cute small kitty and Maddisyn loves to carry her around and dress her up.  Speaking of dress her up that brings me to the next thing we pulled out of the package, we received the Flower Fairy costume set, valued at $13.00, which comes with a fairy dress, fairy headband and dragonfly purse.  It is so cute to see Maddisyn dress up her Misty kitty and love her.  She brings her most everywhere with us and loves to tote her around in the purse mostly because she has her kitty but partly because it is the perfect size for her to have her own “purse”.  We also received a plush pink Pet Bed, valued at $4.50, which is where Misty sleeps each night in Maddisyns room.

This set does contain smaller pieces and is recommended for children ages 4 and up, Maddisyn is younger then that but she does very well with the set and puts nothing in her mouth anyhow but still plays with the leash and collar under supervision.

The Pawparazzi pets consist of 6 pets in total 2 cats and 4 dogs.  Maddisyn is in love with Roxy and Lexi the poodles and I think they will be a good Easter or birthday gift for her.

Thank you to Pawparazzi for these great products to review.
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