Rugs USA

Rugs USA is an online area rug superstore with all kinds of Rugs, in all kinds of shapes, sizes, styles and colour. No matter what your taste is or how your room is decorated you’re sure to find a rug to fit it at

Rugs USA sent me a sample braided oval accent rug in purple, which looks great on the floor beside Maddisyn’s Crib. It’s very soft and you can tell just by looking at it. This rug adds the perfect accent to her room, except for when the dog is sleeping on it lol. Even with it being in her room and the dog laying on it and everything, it stays remarkably clean and still looks as good as it did when we recieved it. There has been a juice spill or two on it and it was very easy to clean (although it was cleaned right away and no chance for the stain to set in at all). When Maddisyn is told to lay down to get her diaper changed she runs right to that rug to lay on because she likes how cushy it is.

Rugs USA offers, Free shipping, a 30 Day guarantee, Price Match Guarantee and a neat Loyalty Program (which i’ll explain in a minute).

Aside from Rugs they also offer Lighting choices, Clocks, Mirrors and art to bring your room to life.
The website is laid out perfectly for people that Know exactly what they are looking for and those who arent quite sure what they want. you can browse by size, style, colour, Material, Weave, size adn even price for the budget concious people like myself. They have been featured in shows such as, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Ty Pennington Style, Apartment therapy and HGTV as well as many home decor magazines There is no longer any reason to pay retail prices when you can purchase online and save with free shipping and no tax. At Rugs USA it’s like having a rug sale every single day. As I mentioned above they have a great Loyalty Program which can’t be explained any better than they did it so here’s a cut/paste form teh site.

The process is simple, the more you spend, the more points you earn, and the more you save. They calculate your point total by adding all your orders, minus freight, discounts and taxes for the past year. The total amount you spent determines the discounts you receive on all your orders. You must have an account on our site and you must be logged in to your account while placing an order for the points to accumulate

The loyalty point system works as follows:

Every $1 you spend earns you 1 loyalty point.
When your total points reach within the values below, you will automatically get the corresponding discount on your next order. Your points will accumulate for a 365 day period, which means points received on orders older then 365 days will be removed.

100 – 300 points = 5% discount
301 – 700 points = 7% discount
701 – 1200 points = 10% discount
1201 – 2000 points = 15% discount
2001 – 3000 points = 20% discount
3001 and above = 25% discount

Thank you to Rugs USA for this great product to review.
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