10 tips to a distraction free fun filled vacation

Twitter moms is hosting a contest and they want us to share 10 tips to a distraction free fun vacation we might have so here are my 10 tips

1.  Leave your laptop at home
2.  Turn off your cellphone when it is not needed
3. Take care of all the stuff at home like turning off all lights, locking all doors, unplugging appliances, start a day or so ahead and have a checklist of all the stuff you like to do so you can check it off adn not have to worry about it while your gone.
4. Research ahead for restaurants to eat at and perhaps plan to do some cold meals in your room if it is less stressful.
5.  Pack snacks for the kids in the car, full bellies means sleeping babies.
6.  Pack activites for your little ones to do like reading, coloring, drawing and even those travel card games.
7. Head out and enjoy the sunshine, make the most of your vacation you can sit around in the house when your at home.
8.  Lose the video game systems, you know the ones that travel with you (totally not necessary once no longer in the car)
9.  Don’t panic over the little things just move on (I am a panicker so not good)
10. Don’t take work with you on your trip, my hubby is bad for this.

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