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Edens Fantasys Review 18+

July 5, 2009

This review is for readers 18+.  If you are under the age of 18 please turn back this is not meant for your eyes.

I had the pleasure of working with Edens Fantasys on a review recently.  We received the Verve dildo from them as our review product.  While we do not generally use toys in the bedroom it was interesting to receive it and be able to hold it and test the functionality of  it.  I do have to say that it really was not my thing and we likely won’t use it again but that it was nice to try it out.  We have tried other toys before but I always get a reaction to whatever it is made of, I am happy to say that this time I did not have that reaction so that was for sure a positive thing for me. invites you to learn from others, share your experiences and re-discover sex. We offer online shopping you can trust, a welcoming community and a wealth of inspiring resources. carries a wide range of products such as toys, books, lubes, massage oils, lingerie something for just about everyones sexual needs and pleasures.
The Verve Dildo we received was one of such adult toys, it is one of the more exciting looking ones we saw there although we are by no means experts.  The Verve comes in two colors pink and purple.  We received the pink one and it s pretty (can I say a toy of this nature is pretty?). It has removable vibrating bunny ears that serve as stimulators as well as a rotating head to hit your g-spot just right.  It has soft tickly things all around it making it great for foreplay.
The controls on it are very easy to use and located on the base of the vibrator.  There are on and off buttons that control rotation and vibration it has two speeds and you can switch so that it rotates in the opposite direction just to change things up. 
The verve is waterproof for those who like to use such things in the tub, shower, pool, hot tub or wherever your heart desires.
While this is a family friendly blog and i have tried to keep it as such even doing this post I will not be posting pictures of the Verve but if you would like to see them you may view them on the Edens Fantasies site HERE.
Overall from a newbie standpoint in the world of adult toys we have given this two thumbs up and may try to pull it out again somenight when we are feeling adventourous.  I also look forward to hopefully working with Edens Fantasys again as there are so many items I really would love to share with you.
The Verve Vibrator sells at Edens Fantasys for $70.99 and for the quality of the product I think it is totally worth it.
Thank you Edens for this great product to review.
This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO way influenced by monetary compensation.

Pure Romance Review 18+ Only

November 8, 2007

I am branching out a bit on my blog, these will be under the 18+ label only and are for adult eyes only please.

Founded in 1993 by Patty Brisben, Pure Romance is an in-home party company which offers an exclusive line of heighteners, lubricants and bedroom accessories for relationship enhancement.

Pure Romance products are not sold in stores but may be purchased at in-home parties or through a network of independent sales consultants. Currently, thousands of Consultants nationwide from all 50 states, Canada, and the Virgin Islands are teaching the art of romance.

I recently had the great chance to work with Pure Romance on a review.  I will go through each item seperatly posting information from their site, there is so much information I want to share and I do want you to all know as much as possible about the items to make informed decisons of your own.  I will post each item in the format as follows

{picture of item}
Description: Taken from site
Scent choices if any
Features: Taken from site
Sensual Benefits: Taken from site
Applications: Taken from site
Personal Opinion:
Price: Taken from site

Name: Body Dew
Description: Body Dew is a nutrient-rich after bath oil containing essential oils such as carnation oil, which replenishes moisture, softens skin, and helps alleviate skin irritation. Your skin will feel incredibly soft and look more radiant than ever.
Scent Choices: Original, Pear Berry, Green Tea (I received this one)
Features: •Wonderful, light and refreshing scents.
•Helps rejuvenate dry, weathered skin.
•Aids in the reduction of peeling from excessive exposure to the sun.
•Contains carnation oil, which can replenish moisture to your skin.
•Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz.
Senusal Benefits: Body Dew is a replenishing after-shower body spray. It can help moisturize and replenish the skin, giving it a healthy glow. When the skin is healthy, the whole body feels more sensual, thus allowing the individual to feel confident and sexy. Desire and arousal often start with how an individual is feeling about themselves; Body Dew can help replenish the skin and indirectly improve a person’s level of desire.
Applications:  Spray evenly over body after bathing or anytime to moisturize and nourish dry skin. You can also add a few drops to bath water for a luxuriating experience.
Personal Opinion: Applications: I actually had forgotten I received this and am totally bummed and wish I would have been using it so long ago.  I used it tonight for the first time after I had a nice long relaxing bath and it left my skin so soft and smooth and smelling very nice but not with an overpowering perfume smell.  Next time I will try to add it to my bathwater and see but I was unsure of how I would feel about it so wanted to test it on a small patch first.  I even got Lee to smell it to see what he thought of it and he really liked the way it smelled as well.
Price: $13.50
Name: Heart Massager

Description: Experience the sensual and therapeutic benefits of this heart-shaped heat pack! Warm each other’s body for an unforgettably romantic massage or use to soothe aching muscles.
Scent choices: None
Features: •Heat deeply penetrates to soothe and relieve aching muscles.

•Apply Aura massage oil to the surface of the heart to have a sensual and relaxing experience.

Sensual Benefits: The Hot Heart Massager will help you to give an amazing warm relaxation massage. Massage is great for foreplay and can help increase arousal. The level of desire created through massage can impact how pleasurable a sexual experience is for an individual. A sensual massage can also reduce stress and tension in the body.

Applications: First, bend the metal disc inside the massager to begin the warming process. The Heart Massager will quickly heat up to 129°F. Pour one of Pure Romance’s massage oils over the body and massage with the Hot Heart Massager. Refer to the included guide or the Erotic Massage Book for massage techniques.
Personal Opinion:  So of course after the inital, HOW DO THEY DO THAT questions haha, we gave the heart massager a shot.  Oh my, I don’t care how they did that I loved it.  My back was killing me to start with the night we got this stuff so it was the perfect time to test it out.  I somehow convinced Lee that since I was the one doing the reviews that I should be the one the stuff is used on haha, this later came back to bite me but we will get to that.  We snapped the disc and watched as the once liquid heart magically filled with a hard white substance and heated up in our hands.  Lee then took it and started rubbing it on my back and neck and it was like sweet heaven, it is hard to find something to comfortably give off heat while being massaged with it.  Our usage of it did not stop there though, now i bet your thinking ohhhh now the good stuff, well it is only good stuff if you count an earache as erotic.  You see Lee has a terrible earache right now and he has been using this heart to draw some of the pain out of his ear and he says it is working perfectly.  The best part of this is that the heart is completely reusable.  Once it cools off you simply boil it in a pot of water and it turns back into a liquid again with the metal disc floating around, which you can snap again to heat it up again.

Price: $15.00
Name:  Coochy
Description: Coochy is one of Pure Romance’s top-selling products! This moisturizing “all over” body shave cream softens even the coarsest hair by relaxing the hair follicle. Gentle enough to use on all skin types, Coochy provides a rash-free shave for even the most sensitive skin.

Scent choices: Original (I got this one), Pear Berry and Green Tea

Features: •Coochy is a rash-free shaving cream designed for both men and women.

•Relaxes the hair follicle to allow a smooth, clean shave.
•Helps eliminate the red bumps that often appear in the bikini area, underarms, and legs after shaving.
•Doubles as a gentle hair conditioner.
•Available in 4oz. and 8oz.
Sensual Benefits: Coochy is a rash-free shave cream that is recommended for comfortable hair removal. It is safe for all sensitive areas of the body and for people with sensitive skin. Coochy is also a great product to use prior to the use of a c-ring on a male, to avoid any uncomfortable hair pulling. A safe and comfortable shave is an important part of maintaining healthy skin and reducing the risk of irritation.

Applications: Apply a moderate amount to the skin prior to shaving. Individuals with sensitive skin should allow Coochy to set a few minutes on damp skin before shaving.
Personal Opinion:  I only had the chance to try Coochy once, and before you all get weird on me I used it on my underarms and legs.  Normally I cannot even use soap on my underarms or they get so irritated and itchy and then I get to walk around looking like an ape scratching my armpits.  Coochy really lived up to its standards though, my underarms were not itchy, in fact they were the smoothest I think they have been in a long time.  The coochy worked very well and I will be for sure keeping stock of it in my medicine cabinet from now forth as I know that it will work well with my underarms and gives them a nice clean close shave so I can only imagine how it would be on other body parts.
Price: $11.50/4 oz, $17.50/8 oz
Name: Ex-T-Cee
Description: After a long day are you too tired or just ‘not in the mood’? Pure Romance’s heighteners are topical arousal creams designed to increase blood flow, sensitivity and sensation. Ex-T-Cee was created for women to increase the likelihood of achieving an orgasm.
Scent choices:  Strawberry or cotton Candy Flavor (we got this one)
Features: This edible arousal cream is designed specifically for a woman.  Ex-T-Cee is formulated with a ‘pleasure tingle’ mint compound, which acts as a cooling stimulant, causing greater sensation and sensitivity to the clitoral area.

Great for oral favors.
Recommended heightener for first-time users.
Sensual Benefits: Explained in the description

Applications: Apply a pea-sized amount to the clitoris to increase sensitivity during the state of escalating arousal.
Personal Opinion:  This was not my favorite but then again I am not usually in need of something to give me arousal.  I will say though that we did taste this, on our fingers and it tasted very good.  We will keep this and try it out again if there is a night where I need an extra push to be “in the mood” and I will amend this review accordingly then.
Price: $13.00

Name:  Just Like Me

Description: Just Like Me is one of Pure Romance’s top-selling everyday-use lubricants. Created to simulate the natural feel of a woman, Just Like Me is pH balanced and is highly recommended to women who are extremely sensitive or prone to yeast or bacterial infections. It is non-irritating, water-based, and safe to use with all latex barrier birth control methods.

Scent choices: Original (we received) & Strawberry

Features: •Water-based lubricant.

•Mimics a woman’s natural lubrication.
•The Original formula is great for women who are susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections because it has no artificial scents or flavors.
•pH balanced for a woman’s body.
•Measured dispensing pump.
Sensual Benefits: Just Like Me is a water-based and water-soluble lubricant that can help alleviate painful intercourse associated with vaginal dryness. It is a non-irritating, re-wetting lubricant that mimics a woman’s natural lubrication. Great for women who are susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections. The use of a water-based lubricant during intercourse can increase arousal and the body’s ability to naturally produce lubrications, helping to make sexual activity more comfortable and pleasurable.

Applications: Apply a dime-sized amount to the area you wish to lubricate.
Personal Opinion:  First off let me start by saying when they say dime size they are not kidding.  Now we have tried many lubricants and some say apply dime size, we use that much and it never seems to be enough so Lee used more off the bat when I told him not to and to follow the directions, as usual I was right.  Dime size is more then enough to get the job done, and this did not leave us feeling sticky or gross like some lubricants do and it cleaned right up, another medicine cabinet staple that we will make sure we have at all times.  I have used some lubricants before that have left me feeling itchy and irritated after which lets face it, is so not the way you want to feel after that sort of activity and it has made me doubt testing out a lot of new lubricants but I am glad we gave in and tried this one.
Price: $15.50
Name:  Burning Dsire
Description: A Pure Romance exclusive, experience the vibrant fragrance and silky feel of our all natural soy candle that doubles as a rich body lotion. This candle has been especially created to provide you with the indulgent pleasures of a luxury spa massage, in the privacy of your own home, without the expense.
Scent choices: None
Features: •This candle has been specially created to give you the sensation of a luxury spa massage in the privacy of your own home.
•Each candle offers approximately 30 massages.
 •Pair with the Erotic Massage Book for the ultimate in pampering!

Sensual Benefits: The Burning Desire Massage Oil Candle will help you to give an amazing warm relaxation massage. The level of desire created through massage can impact how pleasurable a sexual experience is for an individual. A sensual massage can also reduce stress and tension in the body. This all natural candle will not stain your sheets and will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.
Applications: Simply light the candle, allow a few minutes for the top surface to liquidize, blow out the candle and use included spoon to apply to the area to be massaged. The wax will never burn above body temperature and is perfect for the ultimate warm oil massage.

Personal Opinion:  Remember earlier when I said that i convinced Lee that I should get to use the heart first and it came back to bite me, well this is where the big ole chomp came into play.  The idea seems cool, a sensual candle you can burn and then when you are ready blow out and use the hot and soft wax as a massage oil.  But the question we had was how much would it hurt when we poured that hot wax on your skin.  I told Lee that if it burned me I would whine a lot and that he didn’t want to hear me whine, he agreed so he let me use it on him first this time.  We put just a tiny bit on him to ensure it would not burn, when it did not I proceeded to massage his entire back with it, he said it felt really nice because of the heat and it did not leave him feeling gross which is a for sure plus because neither of us likes a massage oil that leaves you sticky and like you rolled in wet sugar.
Price: $21.50

Name:  Serenity
Description: Infused with pheromones, Serenity is an anti-stress aromatherapy massage cream with a sweet citrus scent. It will help to relax the body and mind, while enhancing your “sexual scent” with the addition of the pheromones. Reacting with your very own body chemistry, Serenity will enhance the mood, making the massage even more sensual.
Scent choices: Sensual Citrus or Seductive Sage (we got this one)
Features: •Anti-stress aromatherapy and creamy massage cream with pheromones.

•Sweet citrus scent.
•Leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, and revived.
•Non-greasy texture does not clog pores.
•The addition of pheromones can increase your sexual scent.
Sensual Benefits: An anti-stress aromatherapy lotion with a sweet citrus scent, infused with pheromones. It reacts to your very own body chemistry and can enhance your mood, helping you feel more relaxed, confident, sexy and daring.

Applications: Apply the desired amount over skin, rub in, and massage.
Personal Opinion:  Less is more with this one but when paired with the Super Deluxe Mitten which i will get to next this massage cream is amazing.  It leaves your skin feeling soft, smelling nice and again not leaving you a sticky gross mess because as hot as you look with lint stuck to you haha I bet you can do without it. 
Price: $18.00

Name:  Super Deluxe Mitten
Description: Pamper your partner with the soft sensual feel of this massage mitten with multi stimulators for the ultimate massage. Great to use in and out of the shower or bath.

Scent choices: None

Features: •Mitten has long, soft nubs on one side and small, hard nubs on the other for a variety of sensual massage techniques.

•Openings for the thumb are located on both sides of the glove to prevent the mitten from sliding off the hand.
•Placing a vibrator under the mitten increases sensations during the massage.
•Place the mitten on a clean surface, and then rub your feet across the mitten to get rid of and reduce body stress.
•Best when paired with the Romantica Massage Lotion.
Sensual Benefits: The Super Deluxe Mitten is a great massage aid that can enhance foreplay, which is an important part of sexual excitement. Foreplay, such as a sensual massage, can heighten arousal for an individual. The textured nubs create a variety of relaxing and stimulating sensations, which can further the pleasurable capabilities of the Super Deluxe Mitten. It is also great to use in the shower for a heightened massage or to exfoliate skin for a sexy, radiant glow!

Applications: This massage mitten is designed to be used with a massage lotion, such as Romantica, which can be applied directly onto the glove. Use alone as a shower or bath stimulator to enhance a massage.
Personal Opinion:  Ok so I really did not like the long nubs on this mitt honestly to me it felt like bugs were crawling on my skin it just felt weird so I asked Lee to put it on the other way.  The short nubs on the other side were AMAZING they felt so good on my back, we paired it with the Serenity massage cream and it felt like heaven.  I love being spoiled and pampered and this does the trick, as a special treat for both your back and your partners hand is that you can pair it with one of the bullets sold by Pure Romance, it adds a vibrating sensation and allows him to use his hands less but more like guide it over your body.
Price: $18.00

Name:  Waterproof Power Bullet
Description: Ladies, start your engines! This soft, push-button dual-speed vibrating bullet will guarantee a night of pure excitement. The PR Power Play can provide additional clitoral stimulation during lovemaking or self-stimulation.
Scent choices: None
Features: •Bullet vibrators are the first choice among women in reaching clitoral orgasms.

•Control your own level of intensity as you move the bullet over the clitoris during self-stimulation or lovemaking.
•Great for massaging temples to relieve sinus pressure.
•Can be placed on the outside of your cheek during oral sex for additional sensation to the penis.
•Soft, silicone push-button and easy grip battery pack.
•Two speeds: low and high.
Sensual Benefits: Vibrators, such as the PR Power Play, are designed to enhance erotic responsiveness. The PR Power Play is good to use alone or with a partner to enhance the level of arousal during foreplay. The use of a vibrator, with direct stimulation to the clitoris, will aid in the achievement of an orgasm. It is important when using a vibrator, such as the PR Power Play, that you use it in conjunction with a water- or silicone-based lubricant for added satisfaction, comfort, and safety. The PR Power Play also can be used to reduce tension and stress to other parts of the body, including the temples, neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Applications: For external use only, should never be inserted into the vagina or anus.
Personal Opinion:  So we never used this for what it was truly intended as the batteries died in it after the massaging and I was not going to hunt down new batteries for it and we have not really had the chance to use it since then due to illness of everyone in our household.  I will say though that we used this in the massage mitt as i described above and it was amazing, I love that it has two speeds and it provided such a great feeling during the massage and Pure Romance is right, it does relieve tension like you would not believe in the lower back, this would be well worth buying even if you were not into having “toys”.
Price: $19.50
So there you have it Pure Romance is a source for some very awesome products.  I only touched base on the less adult ones they have so much more on their site including C Rings and Sleeves, male stimulators, vaginal vibrators, G-Spot vibrators, anal play, apparel, novelty items, and they even have Bliss clothing which to me looks like super comfortable active wear that has nothing to do with sex but alot to do with wearing your heart where others can see it.
Go to Pure Romance plan a romantic evening or getaway for you and your partner and grab all your supplies there, you will be surprised at the huge selection of items they have even in the more sensual catagories if you are not into the sexual ones.

Thank you to Pure Romance for this awesome review.
This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO way influenced by monetary compensation.