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Bink Link & Fruitabees

February 8, 2010
Maddisyn has always been a soother baby, she is seriously addicted to her soothers or as we call them here Chitches.  Holden takes them sometimes here and there but not all the time, sometimes he just likes to have it nearby to chew on or for “just in case” purposes.  The only problem with both being on soothers is that sometimes when out we lose not one but two, then we are on the hunt for both of them or buying new ones and as a parent some of you know these are not cheap.  The answer to this of course is a soother holder, the problem is that they are not at all what a parent would hope for these days and are too “cutesy”, gone are the days of the cute teddy bears and ducks in our kids wardrobes.
Bink Link has seen this and is offering a solution with their Bink Links.  They make some of the most adorable soother holders I have ever seen, when approached for review I requested one for each baby since I could not choose for one or the other.  Bink Link generously sent us two to review.  We received the Skully and the Alice and they are both too cute for words and go great in our kids wardrobes.
If skulls and crossbones are not your thing don’t worry they offer so many other cute designs like gumballs, rodeo, candy necklace and so many other themes.  Each Bink Link is made with wooden beads and is very easy to use with a simple slip cord, you slip the cord through the handle on the pacifier or any spot the pacifier cord would go and slid through to the end to make sure it forms a good tight “knot”.  No more losing pacifiers in the grocery store, playground or even in the house as sometimes is the case.
The same company makes great necklaces called Fruitabees.  The Fruitabees is available in the Alice like shown above, as well as candy necklace, gumballs and much more.  Each necklace is made with wood beads and put on an elastic cord so you can just slip it over the head and wear.  Below is pictured the candy necklace I think it is adorable and will be an addition to Maddisyns easter basket I am sure.

Each Bink Link and Fruitabees cost $14.00 and I believe they are very reasonably priced and would make a great gift, the Bink Link would look so cute on a diaper cake or in a gift basket and will be added to my list of stuff to add to diaper cakes when my friends are pregnant.

Thank you to Bink Link for these great products to review.
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