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Blogher ’10

September 10, 2009

I keep reading about how great Blogher is and how awesome it is to finally meet the people that you read and know them face to face not to mention all the .  I don’t usually travel but i do read a ton of blogs daily and am all up for meeting new people so i am thinking about heading out to blogher ’10 which is being held in NY about 15 hours from me next August.

Lee and I have been working on ways i can go because i have to pay for the conference (199), hotel (597) plus taxes and fees), airfare (300) plus transportation, food and taxes while in NY not to mention business cards for my blog if I should so choose.  I guess it is going to cost a bit of money but we will do what we can so i can go afterall i have a year to plan right.  If any of my blogging friends plan on going perhaps I should discuss sharing the hotel room that sure would cut down on costs.

I could try to find sponsors to send me wether it be monetary sponsors or item sponsors such as luggage, clothing or jewelery.  I could sell room on my laptop to advertise whilest making a bit of money, or promise to speak of a sponsors product to everyone i meet, or I could promise to wear a shirt with company logo on it and charge them depending on the size.  I don’t know I guess I have a lot of time to work this out, since this is my first time actually asking for sponsors for this type of thing I am still trying to work out exactly how to ask but would take advice from anyone who has been or knows what they are doing lol.  Fellow bloggers if you are going and looking for a roomate feel free to contact me, I will share on the stipulation I get a bed to collapse into at the end of what i am sure would be a busy day.