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Buckle Toy Giveaway

January 22, 2010
Maddisyn is getting to the fun age.  The age where she is showing more and more how she is a little sponge soaking up all the knowledge we have to offer.  We have a pool in our backyard and our #1 rule is that no matter what Maddisyn MUST wear her life jacket while in the pool.  She of course had small problems at first with this but soon adjusted, of course when she got out if we did not remove the life jacket immediatly a minor meltdown occured.  So we taught her how to undo her own buckles, which then became fun and she would do it even when she was not in the pool.  Now that it is winter here all of our stuff is put away for the season but Maddisyn continues to go to the closet, pull out her life jacket and play with the buckles.  This was starting to be a big pain in the butt.

Then we were given the chance to review Bucky the Buckle Turtle from Buckle Toys and of course we hopped at the chance, no more life jacket dragged out and Maddisyn gets to continue practicing her buckles so she should be pro this summer.  Bucky has four rows of buckles with three different styles of do ups on them and underneath all the buckles there is the numbers 1-10 so as an added incentive she gets to unbuckle them and then count with mommy or daddy.  On the back of Bucky down the sides of his shell there are 6 colored shapes and right down the middle there is a zipper that is a pouch, so Maddy can hide some treasures in there if she wants to.

Bucky is great he teaches buckles, colors, numbers, shapes and zippers all in one and he is not huge so he is great to travel with and fits into the diaper bag or Maddys toy backpack depending on where we are going.  Bucky is normally priced at $24.99 but is currently on sale for 20% off and costs $19.99.


Buckle Toys is going to give one Jabbering Jessi a Bucky the Buckle Turtle of their own.

Tell me what other Buckle Buddy you like.

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Ends Feb 5 2010 @ 11:59 PM EST
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Thank you to Buckle Toys for this awesome giveaway.

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