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Bamboo Furbuster Review

November 5, 2009
Who hates pet hair on EVERYTHING, raise your hand!!! This is me waving my hand around violently to show that I certainly do.  Having a dog that sheds sucks big time.  I can brush her til my hand falls off but I know the undercoat is still going to come out and that part kills me.  We received the Bamboo Furbuster to review and we brushed Holley out and WOW!!! It was great it got right down to her undercoat and I have seen a serious lack of dog hair in my house since I brushed her with it.  It was so simple to use we took it out of the package, snapped on the changable blade (I will explain more about that later) and went to town brushing Holley while she just laid there and enjoyed it.

There are not my pictures and were taken from the site, the batteries in my camera died so I was unable to take and post pictures.

At Bamboo their motto is Pets are kids, too!  They firmly believe that pets are a large part of our families and deserve the same quality products that we would want for our own children and from what I have seen they meet and excede that.  Bamboo was established in 2004 and is the petcare division of Munchkin inc.  They have a fresh new look at everything from nail clippers to squeaky toys – and determining how to make them safer, smarter and just plain better.  “We believe in the Munchkin Mission: To rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight parents, children and pets making parenting and life safer, easier and more enjoyable.”

It has a stainless steel blade that makes removing loose hair and undercoat easy yet is very effective.  It can be used by an everyday pet owner or even a groomer to ensure a good brush is done.  It comes with a medium 2.75″ blade but you can also buy a 2″ or a 4″ blade separately the blades are interchangable, simply press of a button and viola you can change the blade to a smaller one for a small dog or cat or a larger one for a big ole dog or a horse haha.  The sleek angled design helps reduce wrist strain and if you have a big dog the last thing you want is to have to hold the brush at a funny angle for a long time.  They come in three colors pink, blue or green.  We got the pink one and i love the bright color of it, I did not even request pink I just got very lucky.
Another popular product that does the same thing costs $49.95.  The Furbust is an extremely affordable $19.95.  This would be a perfect gift for the pet lovers but non pet hair lovers in your life, or would even make a great stocking stuffer for your dogs stocking this christmas.

Go to Bamboo and check out their Where To Buy page to find out where you can pick up this and other great products.

Thank you to Bamboo for this awesome review.
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