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Liberty Original Coffee Cozy Review

December 12, 2009

Ever get that really hot cup of coffee, tea or Hot Chocolate? You know the one, you get it, it’s not that bad but as you clear the door and get halfway to your car you realise that it just instantly got so hot and you can barely hold it, you’re half way to your car scalding cup of lava in one hand keys in the other praying that you dont drop it before you get there, sometimes even those little paper sleeves can’t do the job. The little paper sleeves end up in the garbage as well so theres some extra waste that really didnt help all that much. Liberty Originals, a cute little Etsy Store, has solved these problems and more with their Coffee Cozy.

Coffee Cozies are similar in idea to the little paper or cardboard sleeves but much nicer and they’re reusable. Just simple carry it with you and slide it on your favourite cup of Coffe or whatever else you may be drinking. Coffee Cozies dont only protect your hand from burns and eliminate some garbage though, they also help keep heat in so your coffee stays warmer a little longer and if theres a few of you drinking out of the same paper cups nobody will mistake your coffee for theirs.

Liberty originals sent us 2 coffee Cozies, One for myself and one for Lee to try out. I dont drink coffee i’m more of a Hot Chocolate kind of girl and even that isnt every day. Lee on the other hand LOVES his Coffee he drinks coffee all the time, doesnt matter what it is or where it came from or what the flavour is if it at least looks like coffee or smells like coffee he’ll give it a try. After using it for a couple days and getting use to the idea of having it he carries his coffee cozy all the time, it’s always in the van or in his laptop bag when he goes to work and now that the cold weather and snow is here for the season he’s even using it on his travel mugs because they are stainless steel and the coffee cozy is warmer to hold on to than the cup is.  Lee was unsure about using the cup at first but the note that was included that told us “real men use Coffee cozies too” was too funny and helped me push him to try it for the first time.

Coffee Cozies come in so many possible colours and styles and with monogrammed choices and embroidery the options are endless.  Coffee Cozies are handwashed and air dried but they don’t really get all that dirty so we have not yet had to wash ours yet.  Other then the one I got this one pictured below is my personal favorite honestly.
Liberty Original doesnt stop there though they specialize in custom designed baby items, bags, coffee cozies, purses, machine embroidery and Art Gallery Fabric as well. 
Coffee Cozies are sold at Liberty Originals Etsy Store for $12.00 and since it saves me from burning my hands it is worth every penny.
Thank you Liberty Original for this great product to review.
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