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Cheap Cookie Cutters

January 8, 2010
The kids and I love to bake all year round and I own a ton of cookie cutters.  Unfortunatly the price that comes with those cookie cutters sucks sometimes, actually to get good ones it sucks all the time.  We buy a lot of plastic ones because I don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on metal ones and have the kids bend them out of shape.
I was approached by Cheap Cookie Cutters to do a review and of course I said yes I would love to find some decent cutters at even better prices so being able to test the quality and stuff was important to us.  We received the Christmas cookie cutter set that is pictured below and were very happy.  The kids were able to put it through their abuse and they witheld all that an 11, 9 and 2 year old can give it and much more.   Also just for fun we were sent the mini Mickey Mouse cutter but we have not used that so I did not want to include the use of it in this review but the quality is the same as all the others we received and i am sure woudl stand up well to the kids.
Cheap Cookie Cutters has so many other cutters it is great, there are wizard of oz and harry potter ones as well as United States, greek letters, college mascots oh my the list goes on and on and you really need to go check it out to see all of the ones they carry, I know that I will be building my collection with good metal cookie cutters and not spending a ton of money in the process so that makes me happy.  The christmas set that we received is valued at $11.99 and the Mickey Mouse one is $5.95.  You can’t go wrong with Cheap Cookie
Thank you to for this great review opportunity.
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