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The Diaper Clutch Review

December 13, 2009

Following the birth of her son in 2005, Cynthia Poblete founded The Baby Panda, an online boutique offering Asian-inspired clothing and accessories for infants and children. Joining the group of other “mom-preneurs”, she created the diaper clutch. Finding the need for the convenience of diapers and wipes in a stylish carrying case, she took to the drawing board! Cynthia loved all of the diaper bag alternatives already on the market but she wanted to take the convenience one step further.

In the Fall of 2006, she launched her new product, the diaper clutch. Now everyone can enjoy the convenience of a diaper and wipes carrying case without having to sacrifice style!

I don’t always have the need or want to carry a diaper bag, if we are just running out for a bit I make sure to bring a diaper and some wipes with me but don’t always want the spare clothes and all that stuff in my bag.  But I was forced to carry a diaper bag because I had no other way to transport my diapers, Then i was given the opportunity to crawl out from under the rock i have apparently been living and get to review the Diaper Clutch for you all.

The Diaper Clutch is 100% cotton, has velcro closure and is made right in the USA.  One of my favorite things is it is made to hold a pack of soft pack wipes with hard tops such as huggies, pampers, kirklands etc.  Talk about convinence now I don’t have to worry about transferring wipes from one diaper bag to another I just toss in a couple diapers per baby and we are good to go.

To be perfectly honest we have taken to tossing this into our most used diaper bag as it keeps the diapers from getting squished in the bottom of the bag and our wipes in a handy location so if one of the babies needs changed we just grab the Diaper Clutch and off we go, no more digging with one hand while trying to hold a squirmy baby with another.

They have three different styles of clutches the classic style, the new styles and custom styles each style has the cutest fabric choices in it.  We received the blue zoo in the classic style and it is so cute and the quality is awesome I foresee this standing up to the two babies and more.

Go to the Diaper Clutch and pick up your own stylish and very helpful Diaper Clutch of your own.  They are very reasonably priced at $20.00, you can also use the code “jessi” and get 15% off so that is a steal of a deal.
Thank you the Diaper Clutch for this great product to review.
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