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Simple Green Review

November 30, 2009

Looking for a way to Keep your whole house clean while still remaining “Green”? Well look no more, here it is….Simple Green has everything from pet stain and odour remover, to deck and fence cleaner to paint prep and brush cleaner, to hand soap and the list certainly doesnt end there, and the best part is they are all Non toxic or Low Toxicity and almost all of them are biodegradable.

The Company was started over 30 years ago, long before “environmentally friendly” products were mandated by law. Bruce FaBrizio and his father developed a safer alternative to the toxic cleaners then being used to remove tannic acid, by-product of coffee roasting, from roasting machinery. It took three years to perfect the biodegradable, not-toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive formula. After its initial success, Bruce began selling Simple Green to automotive and industrial customers in 55-gallon drums; which he delivered in his van, for use as a cleaner on equipment and floors. In 1979, just as initial retail marketing efforts were beginning to pay off, Bruce’s father died. Bruce managed to keep the business alive and in 1981 gave his company the name it continues to carry — Sunshine Makers, Inc. Simple Green was then introduced nationally into several new markets including hardware/Do It Yourself, consumer grocery & drug, GSA (government) and Club-Store classes of trade. In the early 1990s, Bruce created the Environmental Technology Division within his company in order to define the cutting edge of today’s cleaning solutions and solidify his company’s high standards for environmental responsibility.

Their Mission: “We, the Sunshine Makers, as a socially responsible company, are committed to being worldwide market leaders providing quality, environmentally safe, cleaning products.” 

We recieved products from Simple Greens “Naturals” line, they are all made from 100% natural ingredient sources (chicory, coconut, corn, palm, naturally occurring minerals, salt and sugar, and water. Nothing else) and are all biodegradable.  Non-toxic and not tested on animals and the bottles are 100% recyclable PETE plastic bottles and it is even printed with Soy Ink.

With a dog four kids and a husband in the house theres usually something that needs to be cleaned so we put it to work right away, first we used the Simple Green naturals carpet cleaner on a small blood spot found just hours earlier on the boys bedroom floor, neither of them will tell me a believeable story as to how it got there however and after spraying it and blotting it it came right out, it hadnt been there all that long as it wasnt dry but none the less still impressive.  Then Lee took the bathroom cleaner down to “his” shower in the mancave and sprayed it let it sit for a few minutes then turned on the shower and gave it wipe and the tiles and grout were effortlessly cleaned.

We tried out the Simple Green natural floor cleaner on our hardwood floors and the shine left behind was beautiful, I usually only use vinegar on my floors because with the kids walking on them and honestly the babies licking them I am very not comfortable with traditional cleaners.  We have a towel on a stick (mop like thing) for our hardwood floors already so it was simple to use just spray on and wipe much like working with a swiffer.  The multi Surface Cleaner speaks for itself and I love how clean my stuff feels.  The hand soap is great as well, it works awesome in our automatic soap dispensor which we were unsure if it would because it is so thick, and it does not leave behind a strong perfumed scent which I cannot stand and don’t believe the men in the house like smelling like roses either.

Never again will I have to worry about what I am putting on my floors that my kids or pets will touch or ingest, with Simple Green I know I am doing what is right for my kids, pets, family and environment.

You can go to Simple Green and buy the products online directly from their online store or if you are like me and want it now then you can go and view their list of stores that Simple Green is sold in.

Thank you Simply Green for this great product to review.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO way influenced by monetary compensation.

Green Living Tips

November 19, 2009
So my family and I have been trying to me be more eco-friendly and we do a lot of things to live green, I have also found that in my attempts to live greener we are also living cheaper because we are reusing old stuff and rehabing it into new things we can use so saving some money in the process.  Here are some ways we are saving money and being green at the same time.
  • Reusable grocery totes instead of the plastic or paper shopping bags
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth instead of letting it run the entire time
  • Take showers together (ok that was my husbands and he insisted I post it)
  • Recycling everything, we were able to go from like four bags of garbage a week to one maybe 2 with a family of 5 simply by recycling everything we possibly could.
  • Cut SOS pads and dryer sheets in half to help reduce the amount of waste generated at once
  • Use stainless water bottles and refill them at home rather then buying bottled water
  • Buy organic food, they are not grown with pesticides and therefore better for the environment
  • Compost, we have a big black composter in our backyard we put as much out there as we can, again reducing garbage while helping the environment
  • Water saving shower head, we have one and it is not as bad as i thought it would be
  • programmable thermostat for the heat in our house, it helps to save energy
  • Buy in bulk, less packaging and saves money in the process
  • Get a reusable coffee mug (travel mug) and ask your coffee shop to fill that isntead of the paper cups they provide
Ok i think I have posted a lot of green living tips and hope that I have given some people some more easy ideas on how to live green.  For more green tips make sure to visit: