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Potty Training – Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair

February 1, 2010

Whoever said girls were easier then boys obviously has no idea what they are talking about, or has never tried to train my strong willed daughter one or the other. 

Last year for Easter Maddisyn got a new potty, and refused to sit on it.  It was a carefully chosen potty in neutral colors so her brother could too use it but with a comfy seat so she would not mind so much sitting on it FAIL!!! epic fail actually.  She hated the darn thing and refused to sit on it.  I thought ok she is just a little too young yet for it, she was not quite 2 and I will not push her to train.  So we waited, kept asking her to sit on the potty with the same refusal.  She finally decided she wanted to wear panties, so we told her she would have to potty as well if she was wearing panties.  Again she refused to sit on the potty that we bought.

I got frustrated and had no idea what to do, I mean I am still not pushing her but I really don’t want an unpotty trained 3 year old.  So Maddisyn and I went on the great potty hunt, well I did she just sat at the computer with me.  I came across the Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair by Kolcraft, which BTW just happens to be my favorite seller of baby items and I have worked wtih in the past and will be working with again in the near future, and immediatly thought I had a winner.  Maddisyn loves elmo and paired with the Elmo’s Potty Time movie I thought this would be PERFECT.  So we headed off to walmart and bought it for her, brought it home and put her into panties, the first day we had a couple of accidents and one time she started peeing but told me and we ran to the potty and she finished there.  I was so proud of her and we gave her mini tootsie rolls to reward her attempt.  Apparently the soft potty seat has nothing on Elmo lol.

Over the next few days we had more accidents then making it to the potty, she knows when she has to go, the problem is that she waits until it is too late and then we don’t make it to the potty in time.  Today she actually came up to Lee without him asking and said peepee, but alas they were too late and she peed her panties before she made it there, but yay for her asking she just needs to do it a few min sooner.  She was still willing to sit on the potty though and after a couple of minutes asked Lee, I get tootsie?

A 3-in-1 Potty Chair that speaks English, Spanish and French when your child gives Elmo a high five!


•High Five Elmo’s Hand to Hear 10 Phrases Each in English, Spanish & French
•• Potty Training Chair with a Removable Seat That Fits Most Adult Toilets
•• Easily Converts to a Step Stool
•• Removable Deflector Shield for Boys
•• Large Bowl Prevents Splashes & Leaks
•• Anti-Skid Grippers for Safety
•• Electronics Comes with Language, Volume & Power Controls
•• Fun Sticker Book & 20 Reward Stickers Included 

No product was exchanged for this review, I purchased the potty chair and chose to review it of my own accord because I felt it important to share what worked with other potty training parents.

Lets talk about sleep

January 14, 2010

And lack thereof.  Last night Holden was up twice well actually he was only up once last night and then once again at 7 am, he gets up, gets a bottle and drinks it and goes back to sleep.  He is a very easy baby but sometimes he gets up at night, thankfully not often.

I do know of people who have it less then fun though, their baby is up all night or they have insomnia or even worse they need like CPAP machines or something like that.  I have heard that CPAP machines can be loud and rather annoying although life saving and very necessary.  I feel terrible for people with CPAP machines because they have to wear the CPAP masks all night, I would totally freak out if I had to wear something on my face like that all night, I get clausterphobic just thinking of it.  Even the people on the portable oxygen concentrators get my deepest sympathy because of the constant mask or cannula. 

Ok now that I have rambled back to my monkeys.  As I said Holden sleeps through most of the time but last night he was up briefly twice, thank god my loving husband told me to stay in bed and he got up with him for me although I did stay awake until he came back to bed anyhow.  Then there is Maddisyn she goes from one extreme to another.  She had been staying up all night long or most of the night which isn’t terrible because she is still int he crib so she just kinda plays and stays quiet.  We usually put her to bed at 8ish and she goes to sleep for a couple of hours and wakes up at 11 or 12 and stays up the rest of the night.  Last night though  she begged to go to bed at 8 oclock so we put her down, well Lee did I was out visiting my friend Jessica with Holden.  I got home at 9:30 and she was still up in there claiming she could not sleep.  So Lee and I snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie and headed to bed about 12:30 and Maddisyn was STILL up telling us she could not sleep, I am not sure what time she went to sleep at but I know she slept the night because she was up at 8 am and only gets up on her own that early if we wake her or if she slept the entire night.  I just want her to start sleeping through the night so that she can go for sleep overs to my mother in laws and so I can put her into a big girl bed and get the bedding from Little Miss Matched I am so in love with.

Do your little ones sleep through the night in a big bed?  How do you help your kids sleep through the night?

headache headache go away

January 13, 2010

Does anybody have a miracle cure for a headache?  I have had one that has followed me for three days, my life must go on, we must continue on our routine but everytime a child screams I fear my head will explode and I don’t want to leave that kind of mess behind lol.  i have tried hot cloths, cold cloths, tylenol, advil, ibuprofin, short of selling my kids I have no solution so tell me what you do when you have a headache please.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2010

I just want to wish all of my readers a Happy New Year, I hope that 2009 was a good year for you and that 2010 brings an even better year.

I am hoping for some good things on Jabbering Jessi in the upcoming year including a switch over to a self hosted site and some great giveaways.

Holden will be turning 1 in just three short months and I am planning on having a big birthday bash through the month of March leading up to his first birthday, i am looking for sponsors for that so if you would like to sponsor a reiew and giveaway for Holdens 1st Birthday Party on my blog please email me

Be safe, hold those dear to you closer and keep coming back I love to read all your comments.

I am Trying

December 18, 2009

I am spiraling deep into burnout.  Not so much blogger burnout just burnout in general, I am trying to get a bunch of reviews posted here, I am trying to keep up on my home, keep my kids happy and entertained, plan for christmas, Blakes birthday is Sunday, working on a friends vehicle (well lee is I am just keeping him company), cooking for my family, christmas baking, christmas shopping and parties and present wrapping and on and on and on, I know that was a run on but you know what it seems so is my life these days and it is fitting.

I am doing my best to get prizes already won out before the holidays but I do not control companies speed so please don’t email me 12 times a day asking where your prize is or threatening to email the companies customer service 1. it will not make me move any quicker and 2. 9 times out of 10 I am dealing with a representing PR firm and not the company directly so customer service will have no idea what your talking about.

I will still continue drudging on as usual trying to get my posts done as well but will likely be posting in spurts over the next few days and will not be posting much if anything at all from christmas eve through to Dec 27th because we are that busy those four days.

I really am trying though and do appreciate all your patience.

What was I thinking

December 13, 2009

I let 10 screaming kids into my house today for my sons birthday party.  Now Blakes birthday is not until next sunday the 20th, but it is so close to christmas we always have his party a few weeks ahead.  We did an at home party this year since christmas was so expensive for us and I ask again WHAT WAS I THINKING.  They were fairly well behaved I will give them that, we had a couple minor injuries all easily solved but man were they loud.

We decorated gingerbread men cookies, watched a movie and had popcorn.  Then they ate pizza and then cake and Blake opened his gifts.  The only time it was quiet was when they were eating, i wanted to keep feeding them it was sweet silence.

Blake had told me he wanted a camoflauge cake for his birthday but then he wanted to decorate gingerbread men so we went with a gingerbread man/winterish theme.  The loot bags were christmas mugs with a few candies in them and then a hot chocolate cone topped with white and normal choclate and marshmallows.  I wanted to do a gingerbread man cake but we try to stick with the kids requests so we did both.  We were up til 3 am decorating this cake and then up again at 8 to get ready for his party, I am exhausted now.

We even did a camo on the inside of the cake with a similar method I used for Maddisyns cake
I will add pics of the loot bags once Jen sends them to me i forgot to take my own but her little girl Vi was here so she is going to take a pic for me.

Edible Purse

December 10, 2009

I just wanted to share another cake that we made.  We started to bake it at 5 pm and by the time it was baked and decorated, well we just finished it 20 minutes ago at 1 am phew that was a long time.  I am rather proud please keep in mind we do not claim to be professionals but love doing this for our family and friends, we do not follow a book we wing it all the way.  You can also go HERE to see some of the other cakes we have done in the past.

This one is for a new friends birthday which is tomorrow, i hope she likes it.

Cakes of Occasions past

November 20, 2009
There are all cakes we have done in the past for different birthdays etc.  these were all done with icing as we had no idea how to work with fondant but we are learning and will be starting for my birthday on Monday and Blakes for December.
Chase’s Nascar cake
Blake went through a phase when he loved hamburgers so I made him a Hamburger cake
Chase’s Gameboy
My Father In Laws Caterpillar.
Blakes Birthday is in December so he wanted a snowman
Lee’s co-worker left to move away and go to school, this is the cake i made her
Maddisyns first birthday cake, took us 10 hours to icing and decorate the entire thing. 
Her first birthday smash cake
My father in law and Chase both share the same birthdate of February 14th, last year we did a bbq in the snow for them and had summer themed cakes
This one was Chase’s
This one was my father in laws

The boys wanted a cake for school so we sent them a crayon cake
Halloween cake for cubs this year
Last but certainly not least and only last for now is Maddisyns second birthday cake

Sleep where are you?

November 19, 2009
Someone stole my sleep and I really need it returned for tonight.  So my kids are all weird and apparently have chosen to take turns keeping me up all night long.  My kids were all great babies, they slept through the night from the day they were born, I never had that new mom frazzled look after a night of being awake all night, I felt truly blessed. 
Then they got older haha.  We bought a house in May and since the move our daughter Maddisyn has been going to bed at 8 pm like a good little angel, but then she gets up at 12 or 1 and stays up all night long.  I got so desperate for sleep we gave her a tv and now she just lays in bed and watches cartoons and I can sleep, don’t worry she is safely tucked away in her crib and when I say sleep I mean close my eyes and barely feel rested in the AM.  Then she got a cold about a week ago and sweet bliss, she goes to bed around 9 or 10 pm, yes I know later but a willing trade off because she is now sleeping all night. 
So where is the problem you ask, well i am used to being half asleep so now I am not able to sleep soundly at night yet soon I hope.
Now onto Holden.  My sweet boy is also an all night sleeper except for last night.  He is in the end stages of a cold where when he coughs a lot he brings up mucous, only being a baby he throws it up or chokes on it.  So i got up and sat with him on my chest until 5 am when he seemed to have stopped coughing and settled into a good sound sleep, I then popped him into his crib and I managed to sleep for two hours until it was time to get the older two boys up and ready for school.
I NEED A NAP!!!!!!!!!!
Sleep will come though I am told, when they are teenagers you do get to sleep slightly more although I hear you are just up worrying at night about a whole new set of problems.
On top of all this complaining though I must say i love my monkeys er i mean kids, and would not trade a day with them for anything in the world.

The sweetest sound

November 17, 2009
Don’t mind the pink background lol, this is our 7 month old son Holden, he was laying in his sisters crib waiting to go to his own bed and Lee started playing with him.