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So i put my YA-YA in the WA-WA briefly…

August 24, 2009

For about an hour, then they closed the park.  My title is actually the motto of the waterpark we went to “Put your YA-YA in the WA-WA, that was the only funny part about my day.  We drove about an hour to get there, picture us all cramped in a van, my and my husband in the front seat, my 2 year old daughter and MIL in the second seat and my 10 year old son, 14 year old sister and 8 year old son in the backseat with all our gear in the very back.

We get there it was super cold but we decided that it wasn;t as windy in the waterpark as it was in the parking lot so we would give it a go.  We go in, get everyone in our bathing suits and hit the water.  The park was only half stagged because it was so cold so they only opened half at a time, which meant either the tube slides and the wave pool or the body slides and the lazy river was open and the tot area was not open at all.  We dealt with that albeit we were slightly disappointed.

After getting changed we headed to the water, the tube slides and wave pool were open, my MIL took my 2 yr old into the wave pool and the rest of us hit the tube slides, we slid down once and were headed to play with my daughter so my MIL could go slide and just as i hit the water they told us they were closing that side of the park and opening the other *sigh* ok so we head to the other side, we stand around waiting for the life guards to get into position so that we can go in, it took them 10 minutes.  We headed straight for the lazy river and went around twice (my husband and the kids went around once).  Then we headed for the body slides, the older kids to slide with my hubby and MIL while i sat and fed my daughter a snack cause the water made her hungry.  They all did the slides for maybe 20 minutes and decided they too were hungry so we headed for the concession stand.

We get to the concession stand, order 6 fries and 6 pop which cost us 25 bucks, ok whatever we are here for fun i can deal with it.  As we are waiting for our food i notice the life guards are picking up the lounge chairs on the side of the park with the wave pool, we go over to see what is up and they tell us oh we are closing the park because tehre is not enough people here.  Sure there wasn’t hundreds of people but there was enough and we were having fun and willing to be in the freezing cold and in the water so why couldn’t they stay open.

My MIL went to complain because she is the most level headed out of the adults there lol.  We paid 21 bucks a person to get there, thats right 21 bucks x 6 is 126 and we got kicked out not even two hours later, like heck.  So she went and taked with the park manager who offered us free passes FOR THIS YEAR.  The waterpark officially closes for the year in two weeks and there is no way it is going to be warm enough or ia m going to have enough energy to haul us all back down there so i don’t think so but thanks.  She pointed this out to them and they were kind enough to give us park passes for next year and she made them even sign it to prove it.

We got kicked out at about 1:30 and were not about to let this ruin our day so we walked around Mackinaw Crossings and cruised in and out of the little stores, i got the most amazing hand scrub, which i am actually going to write a review on shortly for and found an awesome purse that i want, also look for a review for it in the near future after i purchase mine.   Best of all though was the time i got to spend with my family, oh and the fudge which Mackinaw is very well known for.