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My Happy Heinys are here

March 6, 2009

I ordered 5 happy heinys a month or so ago to test them and be sure that we really wanted to go with that as a diaper becuse it is so expensive to keep testing brands that don’t work.

After using them for just a couple of days on our little girl we decided that these were definetly the diapers for us so i went ahead and ordered a dozen diapers. I got them in and got them washed and i have to say i LOVE them. I am using the HH (happy heiny) OS(one size) diapers with snaps. Velcro is just not my thing here, but i do love my pocket diapers. I wanted to get a diaper that i could use for Maddisyn, my 22 lb 18 month old, as well as Holden, our soon to be newborn son. The HH OS dipes provided that exact need for me.

Now i am not saying i am going to never try any other diapers, when i get the money i will likely order more diapers of different brands to test them out but as of right now the HH are working great for us.

I love the variety of colors they offer, i ordered the orange and green and pink because of how bright i thought they were, I was not even close to the true color of them, i tried to take a cpl of pics of the dipes to show off but they are reflective so they are hard to take pictures of. But here is what i got from the pictures i did try to take. In the first picture you can also see her purple one laying on the floor, don’t mind the mess hurricane maddy had just finished rolling into town and i had not had a chance to clean it up yet. In the last picture it is her pink one and her green one but as i said we can’t get a pick of the true colors because they are reflective lol.

I will post pics of my entire stash later, it is diaper washing day so i need to wash some.