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Munchie Mug Review

November 25, 2009
Who loves cheerios all over their van?  Ok we all know that was a sarcastic question.  Maddisyn loves to have snacks in the van and I normally don’t mind, but she is a drama queen, so if she does not get her own way for one instant she throws what she has.  Thus making a huge mess that I get to clean up when we arrive at our destination.  Then I found Munchie Mug and my cheerios, gerber snacks etc troubles are over.  We were sent a pink one for Maddisyn and a blue one for Holden.

Munchie Mug is 100% proudly made in America with safety in mind. Made of tough, durable, and recyclable No. 5 polypropylene from American suppliers, the plastic and color additives are approved for direct food contact according to FDA 21 CFR, sections 177.1520 and 170.39. Munchie Mug comes with a 16 oz. plastic jar that effectively holds 10 oz. of dry foodstuffs and is suitable for children 10 months and older. The unique patent pending lid screws on tight, assuring that it stays on and the food stays in.

The Munchie Mug is so easy to use, take off the lid by unscrewing it, dump in your snack and replace teh lid.  The cloth opening stays closed all the time until your child reaches their hand in through the soft opening and grabs the snack, one big thing with most snack cups that concern me is that Maddisyn can get her hand in but when she trys to get her hand out it gets stuck or she is forced to drop her snack, not exactly the best for a hungry cranky kid.  The Munchie Mug does not do that so she is a happy and full little girl.  One of the best things about the Munchie Mug is that it comes with a solid lid to be put on the cup so that the snacks stay fresh and don’t go stale.

Like anything else it is recommended you wash the Munchie Mug before the first use, one of the best things is that it is top rack dishwasher safe.  The cloth part of it does hold moisture but if you press the two sides st the same time with 2 pieces of cloth or paper towel it dries.

The Munchie Mug features a screw on top that makes it very difficult for children to open. Because of this locking feature of the threads, the easiest way to open the Mug is to insert the four fingers of your left hand into the top of the mug while grasping the outside with your thumb. Holding the jar in your right hand (as shown in the accompanying photo), turn the lid clockwise in the direction the thumb is pointing to easily open the mug. It is not necessary to overly tighten the lid.

Overall I think this is one of the best snack cups that we have ever owned and I give it a moms 2 thumbs up. 

Go to Munchie Mug’s site and pick up a mug for your little one or grandchild or if you are a car snacker then yourself. 

Thank you Munchie Mug for this great product to review.

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