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January 18, 2010

Getting your kids to brush their teeth is like, well….getting your kids to brush their teeth lol.

We always have to remind our kids to brush their teeth and for some unkown reason they seem to think it’s the worst thing ever, even at 9 and 11 years old we still have to watch and make sure they brush them properly (or at all for that matter). This doesnt have to be a fight every time though, make brushing fun and I assure you they will remember more often and it will at least mean less of a fight if they resist at all.
Arm and Hammer sent us 2 kids spinbrushes one for Chase and one for Blake with characters kids love in 3d on the handle. Chase got a Pokémon spinbrush Pikachu to be exact and Blake got The Incredible Hulk and have been brushing their teeth on their own for a more than sufficient length of time without having to be reminded more than once. For the very first time ever they are even arguing about who gets to go brush their teeth first instead of who should go first this time.

Some great features of the Spinbrush include,

– Research shows that kids brush 38% longer with Spinbrush® than when using an ordinary manual brush.*
– Available in several fun and exciting designs (including Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Astronaut, Soccer Ball, Dolphin, Ice Cream Cone, Pikachu, Skateboard and Butterfly)
-Great handle designs make brushing fun!
– Promotes healthy brushing; removes plaque; massages gums
– Smaller brush head for smaller mouths
– Less than $7 U.S. suggested retail price (only a few dollars more than an ordinary manual toothbrush!)
– Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip
– Batteries are included

We also received baby Orajel, the new Cooling Cucumber Teething Gel for Holden which has been great since it would appear he is getting three teeth in on the top all at the same time which is making his little gums hurt and making him cranky. We put it on his gums and almost instantly it is like a new baby I never really tried Orajel before but I am for sure a fan. Orajel is the brand that Mom and pediatricians have trusted for more then 40 years. The Cooling Cucumber Orajel provides better relief for your teething little one in two ways. First the Cucumber extract helps to cool and soothe painful gums. Secondly the gel is specially formulated to have high viscosity even after being place in the fridge. This means that we could apply the Orajel Chilled to add another element of cooling relief.

Baby Orajel continues to be the number 1 teething brand used by pediatricians because the relief provided by Baby Orajel is immediate. The baby Orajel cooling cucumber contains 7.5% bezocaine, is dye-free and is melon flavored. It is availble at mass, food and drug chains nationwide and the suggested price is $5.49 for a .33oz tube. For more information you can visit

Maddisyn was not left out in our special care package we got the baby Orajel tooth and gum cleaner for her. Maddisyn loves to brush her teeth and having a toothbrush with elmo on it certainly does not hurt in encouraging her. Sugars in formula, juice and other foods can build up a plaque-like film on your litle ones teeth and starting healthy teeth cleansing habits early is a great idea when it comes to kids. Baby Orajel tooth and fum cleanser is fluoride-free, while fluoride is important for oral health and is great at preventing cavities nad keeping you teeth healthy swallowing too much can be can cause fluorosis – which can lead to spotting of permanent teeth. Until your child can sput out the toothpaste baby Orajel is a good alternative. It’s made with Microdent to help remove plaque and precent build-up and best of all because it is fluoride-free it is safe if swallowed.

It is non-foaming, and contains no abrasives. The only active ingredient listed is Microdent and it comes in Mixed Fruit, Apple Banana, and Berry which features Abby Cadabby. It is recommended for babies 4 months nad older and the retail value varies from 3.99 to 4.99 with the set we received being priced at $4.99.
Thank you the Arm & Hamme/Baby Orajel for this great product to review.

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