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My numbers are back

November 8, 2009

I know I know i have been whining about numbered comments forever and I promise this is my last post.  Thank you so much once again to Kari for the beautiful blog makeover and now that I have my numbers back it is PERFECT.  I can however take no credit in getting my numbers back, I tried numerous times to follow a walkthrough that i found on bloggersentral and I failed each time.  It was not due to lack of trying and certainly not due to the walkthrough, it was actual due to overtrying.  You see I emailed the code to the author greenlava after trying to work with him as to why it was not working.  I apparently added the code in twice which has a negative effect.  He fixed my numbers and aligned them to the posters name and even tried to make my comments a pretty pink for me.  So much thanks goes to him for making my blogging giveaways much easier on me again.


Another makeover plea

November 2, 2009

This time not for myself because I am so totally in love with the great work Dotcomkari did on my blog makeover and am going to be forever in her debt.  My new bloggy friends Joie and Rose are looking for help with wordpress and want to know if someone can help them to make their blog less BLAH and more fab.  They also need some advice on self hosting a wordpress blog, I know nothing about this but since I have so many great readers I thought I would put this plea out there for them and hope that someone out there can step forward to help them.

Their blog is and if you go you too will see they need color and to be prettified (my new word lol).

First Giveaway on a Friends Blog

November 2, 2009

My friend Jen, from over at Jen’s herd is hosting her very first giveaway ever.  Unfortunatly with only four followers she does not get much publicity.  I am hoping you will all go and enter her giveaway to win an El Tacodor gift pack from Old El Paso and My Blog Spark.

2009 Santa Picks guide at My Four Monkeys

October 29, 2009

Angie at my four monkeys as well as Angie at A Simple Kinda Life and Kim at Mission Mommy are hosting a Santa Picks holiday gift guide from Nov 9th through thanksgiving or longer.  Go check it out and be sure to enter for some great prizes.

My Four Monkeys