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What would you want to win from Storkcraft

February 6, 2010

Storkcraft will be working with another blog to do a giveaway soon, they want to hear from the people who enter the giveaways and see what they want to win.  The choices are two different change tables, a rocking horse, and a childs glider chair.  Go to the link below and vote for whatever you would want to enter to win.


Darren Silver and Associates

February 5, 2010

So as you all know we are planning a mini-cation and while we are not going that long or that far we do not need to worry about visas and what not.  But if you are planning a trip that would take you on extended stay out of country I suggest you look into a good immigration attorney.  My friend was trying to immigrate to the United States to live with her husband so I have been reading on a lot of different Immigration lawyer/immigration attorney websites but I really liked what I saw on Darren Silver and Associates, they lay it out and I could understand it.

They deal with a wide variety of immigration visas including a non-immigration one for like students, fiances, religion or company transfers.  As well he does deportation removal, investment visas, green cards, family petitions and they deal with Canadian immigrations too.

One thing I got reading about on his site and was actually very interested in reading seeings how I live on a border is the EB-5 Visas, they lay it out and let you know what it is, what they help you do and what you need to do which most attorney websites don’t tell you and leave you guessing.  It also teaches you about Regional Centers and investing and getting green cards for the investor, spouse and children under 21. 

I only stopped reading the website to post this to you before my brain completely left me, I am off to read some more.

Taylor Construction

February 2, 2010

Do you live in the Atlanta Area?  Are you doing renovations to your house like I am?  Are you looking for a good company to help you with said renovations.  Then I think you should give Taylor Construction a call.  Taylor Construction will custom install your vinyl siding for you, saving you the trouble and hassle of doing it yourself.  We are going to do it ourselves because that is how my husbands family rolls but I would so rather hire someone else to do it.

Need replacement windows?  Taylor Construction knows that people who invest in their homes not only to increase the value but also to put some money back into your own pocket.  They carry energy efficient replacement windows, vinyl siding and attic insulation which in return can help to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

When putting money back in you can’t forget about the gutters.  Every house needs gutters to protect your home, Taylor Construction offers the top two names in gutter protection.  If your gutters overflow it can lead to some very expensive damage especially if the water pools around your homes foundation, no one wants all those extra costs so better to install a good gutter system right from the start. 

You can visit Taylor Construction for more information and pricing on services they offer.  Me I wish we had them closer but for now I guess we will have to do it ourselves.

I Disclose

Potty Training – Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair

February 1, 2010

Whoever said girls were easier then boys obviously has no idea what they are talking about, or has never tried to train my strong willed daughter one or the other. 

Last year for Easter Maddisyn got a new potty, and refused to sit on it.  It was a carefully chosen potty in neutral colors so her brother could too use it but with a comfy seat so she would not mind so much sitting on it FAIL!!! epic fail actually.  She hated the darn thing and refused to sit on it.  I thought ok she is just a little too young yet for it, she was not quite 2 and I will not push her to train.  So we waited, kept asking her to sit on the potty with the same refusal.  She finally decided she wanted to wear panties, so we told her she would have to potty as well if she was wearing panties.  Again she refused to sit on the potty that we bought.

I got frustrated and had no idea what to do, I mean I am still not pushing her but I really don’t want an unpotty trained 3 year old.  So Maddisyn and I went on the great potty hunt, well I did she just sat at the computer with me.  I came across the Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair by Kolcraft, which BTW just happens to be my favorite seller of baby items and I have worked wtih in the past and will be working with again in the near future, and immediatly thought I had a winner.  Maddisyn loves elmo and paired with the Elmo’s Potty Time movie I thought this would be PERFECT.  So we headed off to walmart and bought it for her, brought it home and put her into panties, the first day we had a couple of accidents and one time she started peeing but told me and we ran to the potty and she finished there.  I was so proud of her and we gave her mini tootsie rolls to reward her attempt.  Apparently the soft potty seat has nothing on Elmo lol.

Over the next few days we had more accidents then making it to the potty, she knows when she has to go, the problem is that she waits until it is too late and then we don’t make it to the potty in time.  Today she actually came up to Lee without him asking and said peepee, but alas they were too late and she peed her panties before she made it there, but yay for her asking she just needs to do it a few min sooner.  She was still willing to sit on the potty though and after a couple of minutes asked Lee, I get tootsie?

A 3-in-1 Potty Chair that speaks English, Spanish and French when your child gives Elmo a high five!


•High Five Elmo’s Hand to Hear 10 Phrases Each in English, Spanish & French
•• Potty Training Chair with a Removable Seat That Fits Most Adult Toilets
•• Easily Converts to a Step Stool
•• Removable Deflector Shield for Boys
•• Large Bowl Prevents Splashes & Leaks
•• Anti-Skid Grippers for Safety
•• Electronics Comes with Language, Volume & Power Controls
•• Fun Sticker Book & 20 Reward Stickers Included 

No product was exchanged for this review, I purchased the potty chair and chose to review it of my own accord because I felt it important to share what worked with other potty training parents.

January 30, 2010

I just have to share with you a site I found with the cutest shirts.  It is called and she makes custom shirts.  there are many styles and types of shirts to choose from and 20 designs you can have put on the shirt. 

You go on and pick your shirt type, color and size and then the fun part you get to personalize it.  You can create a design on both the front and the back of the shirt and the design is put on with Genuine Swarovski Crystal rhinestones. 

If I were to order a shirt from her I would get a non-fitted one in pink that says Jabbering Jessi on the front with my URL on the back and have the crystals be in white or jet black, although I do have to say in looking a the baby & girls section I love the cupcake pants with the cupcake top.  Here let me show you:

“I have written this post as an entry into the Just Jen $100 GC Blogging Contest hosted on”)

Pampers samples are live

January 29, 2010

Remember I posted yesterday about the free samples of the new Pampers cruisers diapers with drymax.  Well now you can go ahead and get your FREE SAMPLE.

Nads Hair Removal Cream

January 29, 2010
I am always on the lookout for hair removal products to make my showers faster (refer to my I had a bath post).  Shaving is simply too long for my monsters and Nair stinks to high heck and frankly it irritates my skin most of the time.  I recently was told about Nads hair removal cream and will for sure be on the hunt for this to give it a shot.  Now while I cannot tell you about my actual experience with the product I can still tell you what I have read about the product.
Nads hair removal cream removes unwanted hair and keeps it gone for weeks at a time, I know when I do have time to shave that the hair is generally back in a few days and so annoying because then again the cycle of finding time to shave starts again.  It also leaves your skin smooth and features a powerful triple-action formula that removes coarse and dark hair.  The cream goes on with a simple foam head so the cream stays on the hair on your legs but not on your hands. 
To use you put the cream on the area to be treated and let stand 5 minutes then wipe off, hey I can do that and the kids can keep me in their eyesight.  Now I have super sensitive skin so anything like this is always a concern to me but they have a cream available with natural skin protectors like honey and chamomile in it which is what I would totally go for.
Nads also does more then just your legs they also have a facial hair removal cream for those unlucky people who have unwanted facial hair.  More then just hair removal cream they also have hair removal wax strips for people brave enough to wax (I am too chicken of the pain so this is not for me).  They also have products for men such as a mens handsfree cream, mens hair removal strips and so much more. 
Now I am on the hunt so if you see Nads in a store near you please share with me where so I can go buy it too, although I will be ordering a bottle online to start out anyhow.

I had a bath tonight

January 29, 2010
Haha ok I know the post title is weird but honestly in this house I get to shower long enough to wash my hair and me and then I have a kid that is in dire need of something.  No matter how settled I can get the kids it is like they have built in mommy tracker lol do the make mommy GPS where the kids can do some gps real time tracking and know exactly where I am at all times?  If I even think bath Holden starts crying, Maddisyn wants my attention or the boys start fighting.  So tonight I said enough I told Lee I was going to lock the bathroom door, have a hot bath and would not be out until the water was cold or I was good and ready whichever came first.  I was lucky enough to be in there relaxing and reading a book for about an hour and when I got out the house was still standing the kids were all in bed although not sleeping they were in bed so thats something.

Once i got out of the bath I sat down on my computer to blog but I think I forgot my brain in the bathtub and was sure I was not going to get anything remotely sensible written tonight.  So instead I started playing with my blackberry that I just got, which I am totally in love with btw, but then I spent an hour trying to deal with mobile connection manager and email setups and blackberry messanger and ugh now I know why I hate getting a new cellphone and although I wish I would have gotten an Iphone this will do until I can afford to buy one, or the nice people at Apple ask me to review one for them.  Then I started talking a friend about manufacturing in mexico and USA and all that stuff (I have had this post before), needless to say we left off agreeing to disagree and left it at that.

All in all I had a very relaxing evening now I am off to bed to get some much needed sleep and hope Holden sleeps all night tonight, he has a nasty cold and my poor boy has been hacking his little lungs out.

Night all, see you tomorrow I have some great reviews I want to get posted for you all tomorrow.

Fun Stuff For Families

January 28, 2010

We do not take nearly enough family vacations together although I really wish that we did.  It just seems something else comes up and we cannot go but we do try to get away at least once in a year.  We are heading to Great Wolf Lodge in March which we are totally excited for and know the kids will have so much fun it is a much needed vacation.  We are hoping to maybe take them somewhere else this summer.  We were thinking of going to like Cedar Point in Ohio or something but then who knows I would love to take them to New York and check out the sites and sounds of a very large, very busy city.  The kids have my love for musicals so maybe even take in a show on Broadway with them or something, I have even gone so far as to start looking at Broadway Tickets to see what kind of shows there are that I think the kids would like.

That is all a dream and I am sure it will not happen this year but soon, once the babies are a little older to understand what is going on and sit through a show maybe.

In the meantime we will do things closer to home, dream about big vacations and have fun right where we are.  It is not where you are it is who you are with that makes life so fun.  The kids love to play outside and so do we, this summer will be soooo fun with Maddisyn on her Strider Bike learning to be a big girl on a big girl bike and Chase and Blake on the PlasmaCar we will do lots of fun stuff.  We have even thought about getting them a electric bike to ride around the neighbourhood, although I think if I had to pedel myself as a kid they can too.

We go swimming, play ball, go to the park, jump on the trampoline, go camping and just spend time in general together, what do you and your family do to be together?

Thank you

January 27, 2010

I just want to thank you all for helping me make Jabbering Jessi what it is today in such a short time.  I started reviews back in March of 2009 but then took a break when Holden was born and came back with a vengance in September.  In 4 short months I have gotten 700 followers, a ton of subscribers, twitter followers, facebook fans and visitors. 

I love doing what I am doing and I love that you all keep coming back and showing your support. 

I try to follow as many of your blogs as I possibly can but if I do not have your button on my blogroll page please leave the code for it in a comment here, I will be more then happy to add it.

If I am subscribing to your blog with you will notice today if you follow that you will get an unsubscribe notification from me.  I am simply moving all my blogs I subscribe to, to a different email address because I feel that the feeds are getting lost in pitches etc. and I want to be able to visit you all so i don’t want that.  I will now be following you all with

To the companies I have worked with thank you so much for your support and for the amazing product reviews and giveaways please know I would be honored to have you back at anytime.  To companies looking for reviews we are always looking to try new things here at Jabbering Jessi so send me an email and let me know what you are looking for, I am willing to try just about anythign as long as it is not too adult related.