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Remington R-4130 Pivot & Flex shaver

February 3, 2010

Remington is yet another company that has been around the home for a while now and with their new R-4130 360 Flex & Pivot Technology in their Mens rotary shavers they are sure to be around for some time longer too.

Lee has had a few different shavers of the years from other companies as well as remington and he said this is the most comfortable shave yet.  The last shaver Lee owned he only used on rare occasions as he said it felt as though it was ripping the hair out rather than actually cutting it, so this is a very welcome change for him. I like it to it leaves his face feeling nice and smooth and theres no messy shaving cream left in my sink, grrr.
Remingtons R-4130 Pivot and Flex Technology Features;
3 flexing heads adjust to your face for a nice smooth comfortable shave
Pop-up trimmer for sideburns, mustaches etc.
Titanium coated blades which are strong, long-lasting, and durable
Rinseable to make it very easy to clean
World Wide Voltage for use anywhere you may need it

Rechargeable battery with a 30 minute runtime giving you about 6 shaves before needing to plug it in

Battery fully charges in 16 hours
2 year limited warranty

Some of the other Remington Pivot and Flex shavers have LED battery indicators, quick charge for that little boost, faster charging times even Digital LCD screens to indicate shave time remaining. There’s defenitly one to suit your needs as well as your Budget.

Thank you to Remington for this great shaver to review.
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