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Digital Scrapbooking

January 6, 2010

I always said to myself oh one day when i have a big enough house I will have a space for scrapbooking setup.  Then I bought a house big enough for me to setup a scrapbooking area but still I have not and still my pictures sit in boxes probably getting ruined by age.  I said again to Lee the other day that I really wanted to get the supplies and set myself up and do some screapbooking, to which he relied that it was less messy if i did it on the computer haha.  Perhaps he is right but all of the pictures that are from Chase and Blake at a younger age are on film and so I would not be able to use those unless I could get them onto the computer in a decent quality. 

There is one other option to this though and that is a company called Scan Digital.  They offer a photo scanning service and can transfer your photos to CD, do photo scanning, negative scanning or slide scanning as wel as video transfers.  You can convert your old photos or VHS tapes to cd or DVD with online photo galleries.  It seems like a great service and something I will likely use to do some scrapbooking when I am actually ready to start.  You can go and take a look around the site and see how it works or place your order with them to get your precious pictures scanned.