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Walkabye Urban Buggies Review

December 19, 2009

Who is Walkabye?

We are parents, caregivers and role models, that love to enjoy precious moments with our children. We love them deeply and always want what is best for them. We understand that a healthy environment is vital to their development and growth. We want our children to be safe, and they want to feel safe. These are the inspirations behind Walkabye.

We recieved the Walkabye Terrani in light coral and immediatley put it to use, (it seems we are always going out some where) This time was to our Santa Clause Parade. being cold here we though it would be the perfect time to test it out with the Apron that comes with it, it simply attaches to the stroller and keeps your little one warm and covered. it was great with that and a blanket Holden didnt get cold at all while we were standing outside watching the parade.

The Terrani is available with an infant to toddler package and comes with both the Infant bassinet andd the toddler seat which are changeable. The Walkaby Terrani has a High Endurance frame, Adjustable metal foot rest, Front swivel Wheels, Full Spring Suspension to give a smooth ride, large All-Terrain tires for use anywhere (even easily in the 2 feet of snow we have recieved in the last 3 days..blah) , A very firm and durable foot operated parking break, foam insulated adjustable handle, and folds to 36 1/4″ with the rear wheels.

While using it as a bassinet there is lots of space for your little one to stretch out, and the bedding is made from 100% cotton fabric with a padded mattress. The bassinet comes with a matching apron, a matching diaper bag, which I am so in love with and we use it all the time, it has a long messenger bag style strap so i can sling it crosswise over my shoulder if i need to or attach it to the stroller handle with the two snaps on the straps. There is a changing mat in the diaper bag that is large and more padded then one I have ever had. It also comes with a rain cover for the bassinet which is a must for any stroller, I just wish it came with one for the toddler seat.

The toddler seat is large and roomy (I even had to use it to put both babies in to go to school the other day and it held them very well but man do I need a double stroller lol. The toddler seat reclines to three different positions simply by zipping and unzipping the zippers on the side. There is a 5 point safety harness, hold bar and a large canopy that locks down which is great for babies who keep trying to push their hood up. We already mentioned the matching footmuff for the toddler seat which I love because it keeps the kids warm when we go for walks even now in the winter.

This stroller has a couple of downfalls such as to get it to fold flat you need to remove the front wheels, however removing them is quick and painless, just occasionally inconvenient. I wish that folding it was easier although it seems to be working itself in the more we use it and the more we fold it, Lee can get it to fold on the first shot but it takes me a couple of tries and a lot of strength. Another thing I wish were a little easier about it is switching from infant to toddler mode. With two “babies” we never know who is going to need that stroller but we cannot use the infant bassinet on it because we can’t quickly change to the toddler seat without a screwdriver, the toddler seat has two screws which attach the top of the seat to the handlebars.

Other then those minor inconvinences though that are not enough to push me away and not use the stroller we really do love this stroller as do the kids. Not only does Holden love this stroller because of it smooth ride and the apron to keep him warm, but Maddisyn also enjoys riding in it because it is so roomy, lots of strollers out there seem to cramp her and she’s not at all impressed by that but the Terrani gives her all kinds of room to be comfortable even when in her snow suit and with her favourite doll beside her.

Go to Walkabye Urban Buggies and you can get the infant-toddler package for $599.99 or just the toddler package for 469.99 there are so many great patterns I am sure you will find something you just love for your little one.
Thank you the Walkabye Urban Buggies for this great product to review.
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