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Wupzey Review

December 23, 2009

This Product makes me happy and after supper clean up so much easier, however the dog is less than impressed about it.

It’s the Wupzey Highchair Food Catcher. Wupzey was nice enough to send us one in brown and it is awesome. Made of 100% rip stop nylon and designed for children learning to eat finger foods on their own the Food Catcher attaches easily using Velcro so it can be removed and cleaned and yes, IT’S MACHINE WASHABLE.

Maddisyn is now mostly beyond the need for the Food Catcher but Holden is just reaching the stage, I wish we would have known about this product sooner as Maddisyn had a tendancy to try and eat everything with her fork right from the start (didnt like getting food on her hands) and this made for some rather large messes. Holden is still eating babyfood which we feed to him prior to supper but then he usually gets crackers or something at the supper table while the rest of us eat.  Just learning the new skill of feeding himself he quite often drops whatever he is having and the dog ends up with it causing him to get upset and us to have to stop eating and go get him more, With the use of the Wupzey Highchair Food Catcher we can simply lean over and get what he dropped and give it back to him sometimes before he relizes it’s even been missing. Once he starts to eat the same foods as us I have no doubt that we will go through less cleanup time and more dog food.

After months of cleaning the floor whenever her daughter ate in the high chair, California Mom Johanna Romaniuk had an idea to change the mealtime experience for moms & babies worldwide.  A huge thank you to Johanna for this great invention, now I can stop having to scrub my floors three-four times a day because of food all over them.

At 5 months, Johanna’s daughter preferred to eat by herself, leaving a mess on the floor after each meal. Looking for solutions, Johanna tried the large, bulky floor mats that still needed sweeping. Fold, clean, unfold – the mat turned out to be more work than just letting the food fall directly onto the floor!

Out of necessity, Johanna created the high chair food catcher which is lightweight, compact and durable. She made it easy to attach, detach, clean and able store on the highchair. She also made it to be strong enough to catch “sippy cups,” toys and utensils. And, of course, it is completely machine washable.

The Wupzey Highchair Food Catcher comes in a wide array of 10 different colors to be matched easily with your decor and your childs higchair.

We go out for dinner to my inlaws some nights and they have a highchair there, well thanks to the ingenious way that Wupzey is used we can take our food catcher there as well. You see the food catcher velcros to the highchair or booster seat, so just by getting the extra velcro pieces from Wupzey you can use this on as many chairs as you need to instead of buying them for all the places you visit buy the velcro take your foodcatcher. Wupzey even includes the extra velcro strip in free of charge just go to the purchase page and add them to your cart with your Wupzey Foodcatcher.
Wupzey doesnt have just Food Catchers, they also have Shopping cart and Diner seat covers to help keep everyday germs away form babies, they are all lightweight, compact, durable, easy to clean and of course MACHINE WASHABLE! They also have a great line up of Bibs and Coveralls so head over to Wupzey and have a look at all their products that no house with young ones should be without.

Go to Wupzey and get your food catcher for $14.95, think of all the money you will save when you have to buy less cleaning supplies.

Thank you the Wupzey for this great product to review.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO way influenced by monetary compensation.