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ZarBees Cough Syrup Review

December 7, 2009
As a pediatrician, Dr. Zak Zarbock found it frustrating when he was unable to offer any help for his young patients with a cough. He set out to create a safe and effective children’s cough remedy that he could feel good about recommending.

As parents we often find it frustrating that we are unable to provide our little ones with anything to help them when they have a cough.

ZarBee’s is an all-natural cough syrup that provides relief from coughs due to throat irritation while simultaneously boosting the immune system. It is safe for Children 12 months and older. ZarBee’s Cough Syrup uses a unique blend of dark honey known to be high in antioxidants, this makes it safe and healthy for your child. ZarBee’s is honey-based, not just straight honey. There are other safe ingredients that make ZarBee’s unique and effective. With each dose of ZarBee’s your child receives their daily serving of vitamin C. Not to mention ZarBee’s is loaded with antioxidants which are critical to healthy living.

ZarBee’s is available in Lemon and Cherry flavour, we recieved the cherry flavour to try out and couldnt have recieved it at a better time as Maddisyn had a cough that had been coming on for a few days. As with anything we have ever gotten for the kids Lee tried it first, he insists that he MUST be the first to try it before the kids do. He said to him it wasnt the best tasting and he didnt detect any cherry in it at all but thats him. Maddisyn was reluctant to take it at first simply because it was something new to her but once she tried it she loved it and we never had a problem giving it to her again. When Maddisyn managed to take it for the first time she was geting ready for bed so we kept her up for an extra 30 minutes or so just to make sure there was no reaction or anythign to it as she has never really had honey before. By the time she went to bed there was only one change in her, NO COUGHING!!! She went to bed no problems at all and didnt wake up untill the next morning when she started coughing and we gave her another dose.

ZarBee’s works like a charm and i’m so glad we found it for her and Holden when he gets a little older, my only regret is not having this product around when Chase and Blake were younger.

Go to the ZarBee’s website and purchase a bottle for yourself for a very reasonable $9.99 or look at their where to buy section to see if it is available in a store near you or to email them to get it into a store near you.
Thank you Zarbees for this great product to review.
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